Craft Beer Rising London 2015 & The Key Role of Packaging in the Growing Brewing Industry

Last week we went to Craft Beer Rising at The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane.

It was a 4 day event showcasing 70 breweries with the chance to meet and greet the people creating the fantastic brews we had the pleasure to taste.

We particularly enjoyed Melissa Cole's talk on "How to capitalise on great beer, the importance of retail standards and pitfalls to avoid", just brilliant, it was fascinating to hear such a competent person talking about a rising market with endless possibilities.

During our tour, we handed out our mighty beer mats and met with the former founders of Think Tank, Justin and Niki Deighton, now mastering the craft beer world with King Beer.

Talking with the traders and scanning the stands, one thing was clear, neat design and top quality packaging is becoming more and more important in the craft beer world.

With rising number of small breweries, the Society Of Independent Brewers appointed that craft beer production increased by 7% between 2013 and 2014, and with the immense variety of flavours, even within a brewery, it's vital to have a striking image and innovative packaging to stand out from the crowd.

An excellent example is Rush River Brewery, a 10 years old Minnesota beer for which re branding did wonders for their business.

"In the year after the rollout of new packaging, bottle sales of Rush River increased 127%, redesign has played an integral role in their battle to keep their position in the wake of increased competition for retail shelf space." The Growler Magazine

It's all about communicating the personality of your beer in order to encourage customers and retailers to choose your brand.
As packaging experts with an eye on every industry, Think Tank can offer you a bespoke solution that goes beyond the standard approach.

We're so into the subject that we even brewed our own beer!

Below you can find a gallery of pictures with some of our favourite beer brands to spark your inspiration and a list of beer crafting events you can take your brew to.

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