The evolving trend of the concept store

Take a retail shop, make it smaller, add two spoons of exclusivity, a cup of interior design, a unique brand a hand full of personality, mix it all together in a cool city and you'll have a concept store.

They're popping up everywhere, they're responsible for 90% of neck stiff injuries among fashionistas, their beauty seduces you to go inside and you might not be able to go back to high street and mall shopping again.

This trend is not new, its roots are timely set in the most stylish cities in the world:
In 1980, Paris saw the opening of L'Eclaireur (The Scout) by fashion visionaries Armand and Martine Haziza, followed by Ralph Lauren first flagship in New York in 1986 and taken to another level by Italian gallerist Carla Sozzani, with the creation of the 10 Corso Como complex in Milan. London houses incredible boutiques all around the city, like the popular Darkroom.

These shops, mix up fashion, design and completely embrace and express the brand identity, their main feature and source of success is the peculiarity of selling not just unique items, but a whole shopping experience. The frequent turn-around of goods allows for a one of kind selection of items that capture the latest vogue. Concept stores burst personality from floor to roof, giving you the chance to not only buy a piece of clothing or accessory, but enable you to infuse your entire persona into a philosophy.

Because of their uniqueness, flexibility, appeal and high quality products, concept stores are a retail model that works and it's destined to stay and flourish.

In the video below Christopher Bailey introduces Burberry concept store in London.

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