Physical games remain gamers’ favourites

72% of gamers prefer buying physical games (Kantar WorldPanel, 2014), and we're not talking about fighting sagas.

Boxed games are still the number one choice for the majority of players, in the gaming world people are not ready to let go of copies for their favourite console adventures.

Hanging out on gaming forums, you can tell the topic is hot and extensively discussed, both parties have their reasons, but the physical supporters seem to be preponderant.

First of all, collectors are not extinct, on the contrary, the more the market threatens to turn everything digital, the more they crave physical games in extra deluxe packaging with added features.

Secondly, the price for digital games are just £5 or £10 lower than physical copies and gamers complain about the fact there is no trading value for digital games, while with physical they can always re-sell. Another major fact is memory storage which builds up the cost for the digital format.

Digital is banging on gamers doors, but 72% of them are not ready to open yet, so sit back and keep expecting AAA titles, collectors editions, unboxing videos and CDs.

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