Looking through the window vinyl, and how Think Tank made it happen

Think Tank was recently commissioned to supply a window vinyl to advertise FKA Twigs brand new album "LP1", released on August 11th via Young Turks, licensed to XL Recordings.

To be honest, defining it as a window vinyl doesn't do it justice and we're not even the modest type, so let's clear up what this awesome gigantic "sticker" really is:

It's technically defined the ultimate high quality see-through graphic, the print is perforated allowing people to see from the inside to the outside, but not vice versa.

This feature makes it perfect for adverts, corporate branding, privacy, security installations and it comes in a range of transparency levels and silhouette patterns.

How does it look?

Pop down to Phonica Records in Poland Street, Oxford Circus, or, you can just scroll down and have a look at the fitting process in pictures!

Photos by Nathan Barnes.

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