Digital Alchemy: 3D Print show 2014

Having watched the presence of 3D printing grow in the design and creative world Think Tank were pretty excited to be attending their first major 3D print show here in London and it didn't disappoint.

Coming from a print background the logical application of this technology seems obvious but the breadth and expansion of this industry still shocked and left us almost speechless. From medical to aviation and from confectionary to fashion it seems everyone is trying to find an application for this new medium, but where it will really excel still seems to be a little uncertain.

It 's clear that very soon this medium will be touching our lives in an array of ways, as the costs become more and more attainable we wonder if we'll all have a 3D printer in our houses sooner or later.

Highlights for Think Tank at the show included:

The Strakka Racing team, who have embraced 3D print work to enhance their World endurance race car,
the "fashion house" and seeing how Pringle have teamed up with Richard Beckett for his unique capsule collection with 3D printed enhancements, getting to use the 3doodler in the "Doodlebar" (we love scribbling anyway so doing this in 3D works for us..) and the "scanning zone" where you can get your very own hyperrealistic mini you printed out.

If you are interested in embracing 3D printing then get in touch and we can discuss the best way to make your dreams a reality.

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