Boost your brand, mix up classic merchandise with social media exposure.

The recession might have taken away the surplus resources allocated to classic merchandise, however it didn't rob us of our creativity.

Marketers have had to convert the physical merchandise budget into social media activities: videos, ads and giveaways instead of the traditional pens, tote bags etc. But have a closer look, merchandise has not disappeared or aged, it has evolved: it's not the logo that gives the meaning to the object anymore, it's the object that gives importance to the brand experience in its whole.

A clever and bespoke piece of promotional merchandise, when exposed to Social Media, won't pass by unnoticed. To maximise the impact of your brand, digital promotion and physical merchandise have to be complementary, not competitors.

A great example is what Coca Cola did with their "2nd Lives" campaign:

The promotional item and the video campaign go hand in hand to create something amazing and spread the word about it.
Classic merchandise is still valuable, the key is to add that extra detail that shouts about your brand identity and transforms your promotional item from simplistic to simply unique.

Check out the cold reveal cards we made for Jägermeister as part of their #giveitashot campaign.


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