Atoms For Peace - Amok

Silver foil - Atoms

When it takes a long time to green light a project, it generally means it’s going to be an exciting one.

Atoms For Peace - Thom Yorke’s new side-project - was exactly that. The factory was umm-ing and ahh-ing as to whether it could be done: featuring an absolutely stunning, apocalyptic design from the brilliant Stanley Donwood, the deluxe concertina CD is reverse board with foil both sides, and the triple-gatefold LP is reverse board with huge foil coverage and blind debossing. Think Tank loves it when this happens, as it means we’re pushing not only the machine minder’s capabilities, but the actual machinery itself.

Deluxe Concertina CD

When the owner of the factory, with fifty years’ experience, sees your job as something they’ve never done before, then you know you have a challenge on your hands. But this is what we thrive on at Think Tank Towers, and it’s also why people entrust us with their precious gems.

Triple Gatefold

Dean Rose oversaw this ambitious project for Think Tank, in conjunction with Phil Lee from XL Recordings. Dean's pet hate is people telling him things can't be done. It happens a lot. If you really want to annoy Dean, you can say this to him about a project, and he’ll go red with rage, calm down and then make it his mission to prove everyone wrong. That is exactly what happened with Amok. They said: “well, we’re not sure it's going to work...” to which Dean replied: “it’ll be difficult, but it will work. I know it will.”

Did it work? Does it look like a collectible piece of art you want to keep, frame and be proud of? Of course it does, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Even the debossing and foiling dies are some of the most beautiful things you'll ever see!

Atoms for Peace

You can see more of Stanley Donwood's incredible work over on his website:

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